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XS Energy Drink

Twelve 8.4 oz. cans - A low-carb, sugar-free blast of energy.

The great tastes of cranberry and grape collide in a lightly carbonated rush of energy. Delivers a powerful punch of B vitamins to help boost mental and physical energy. Plus, it contains no sugar, no carbohydrates, and just 8 calories. Make great-tasting XS drinks your choice for a rocket-powered lift without empty calories and sugars. Kosher certified. If this product is purchased in a state with a deposit law, the amount of deposit will be added to your cost.


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XS Power Nutrition Pre-workout Energy Bar

Nine 46 g bars - Help sustain energy and endurance

This has been specifically formulated to give you energy prior to working out. With 19 g of fast-burning carbohydrates, and 15 g of quality protein, this well-balanced pre-workout energy bar is formulated to provide a steady supply of power and endurance during exercise. Inclusion of Nutrilite® C-Lenium Blend also offers beneficial nutrients and antioxidant protection from harmful free radicals that are generated by intense prolonged exercise.


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Trim Advantage Meal Replacement Bars – Variety Pack

16 bars - Four great tastes in one great box – to go!

If you've ever tried one of these Meal Replacement Bars, you know it delivers great taste and balanced nutrition. Now you can get four delicious flavors in one compact package – that's 16 bars in all – to sample and share. Four bars each of Blueberry Crunch, Chocolate Cherry, Crispy Rice with Chocolate, and Chocolate Flavor with Coconut.


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